Arboretum Adventures 2015 program at Spartanburg Community College

On Oct. 1, 2015 Linda Cobb organized and hosted “Cultivating Conversations: an event benefitting Spartanburg Community College Department of Horticulture Students at the Health Sciences Building on the Spartanburg Community College campus. Bob Head, renowned plantsman and plant propagator, presented “The Truth in Selecting, Growing, and Marketing Desirable Ornamental Native Plants.”
The evening Arboretum Adventures 2015 program (attached) featured Scott McMahan, Owner, Garden*Hood Nursery in Atlanta, who presented “Climbing Asian Mountains, Fording Rivers, and Fighting the Elements: Moments from a Plant Hunter’s Diary.”
He was followed by Andrew Bunting, Garden Assistant Director & Plant Collections Director at the Chicago Botanic Garden, who presented “The Influences of Plant Exploration and Botanical Gardens On Building a Home Garden.” [Mr. Bunting’s presentation begins at 54:41].

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