Snowfall in Spring? Must be annual trampweed

Annual trampweed (Facelis retusa), is a winter annual, common throughout South Carolina, especially in dry sandy
fields, roadsides, lawns, pastures, and waste places.   This winter annual is a member of thefacelisretus aster family which is an introduced South American weed that’s common in lawns and roadsides.  This weed is a poor competitor, but it will thrive in the most inhospitable environments: dry, infertile, sunny, environments.  When the preferred turfgrass is
absent or growing poorly (this spring dry spell has slowed down the growth of a number of grasses), expect this weed to thrive and reproduce.Obviously, the best way of controlling this wintfacelisretusaer annual is to improve the health of the lawn with proper fertilization (based on soil test results), proper mowing height and frequency of mowing, etc. A healthy lawn will out compete this annual weed for light, water, and nutrients.

For information on Annual Trampweed, see HGIC 2319 (

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